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Motorcycle Bicycle Handlebar Mount Invisible Monopod Camera Holding Accessories

Motorcycle Bicycle Handlebar Mount Invisible Monopod Camera Holding Accessories

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  • Compatible with most action cameras, panoramic action cameras, and mobile phones on the market.

Real-time Shooting for Safe Driving:
  • A person can also easily take a third-person perspective and get a new perspective picture to meet your shooting needs.
  • Capture and record the wonderful moments of riding.
  • With insta360 panoramic camera, the extension rod can be completely invisible

Safe Secure Locking and Anti-slip:
  • The bracket mount is tight and stable.
  • Clamps tightly and steadily minimize camera shake and maintain stability when shooting on the move.
  • Prevent the mobile phone and camera from falling accidentally.

Convenient Adjustment:
  • The bicycle bracket can be rotated and adjusted by turning the screw hole, and the angle can adjust by 120 °.

Handlebar Bracket:
  • Diameter 1: 20-35mm
  • Diameter 2: 20-28mm.
  • Strong and durable aluminum alloy material. Please use additional anti slip pads to protect the Bicycle handle and selfie stick.

No Fear of Sun and Rain:
  • Waterproof and high temperature resistant, super anti-oxidation, strong and durable structure material.

Convenient Adjust Height:
  • There are two kinds of selfie stick with different heights (Please refer the options).
  • The selfie stick can rotate stretch to adjust the height.

Small Ball Head Mount:
  • With The Ball Head can be 360° rotation and can be a flexible adjustment angle.

Phone Clip:
  • Phone Clip Range: 75-120mm, which can rotate quickly to adjust the height and fix the phone.
  • Bottom and back with 1/4 screw holes.

Installation Notes:
  • Depending on the diameter and location, choose the bike or motorcycle stand that suits you.
  • Please install and tighten correctly when using.
  • Please add shims to make the installation more secure.
  • At the same time, protect the handlebars and the selfie stick and increase the friction to prevent them from slipping.

Please note:
  • After installation, shake the clip repeatedly to confirm whether it is installed in place and locked. You must use a strap to fix your mobile phone.
  • It needs to be equipped with panoramic camera to obtain the effect that the extension rod is invisible in the picture.
  • At the same time, pay attention to keeping the extension rod parallel to the ground during installation. (Make sure that the front of the camera body is parallel to the ground), to obtain better shooting pictures and structural stability.
  • When riding, the recommended speed limit for flat roads is 60km/h. Please try not to use it in a strong wind environment or on mountain roads.
  • If the product is not used for a long time, please place it in a cool and ventilated place at a storage temperature of - 10 ° to 40 °.


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